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Here come’s the sun

Words by Cyclopaedia

on 04/07/2018 13:31:46

At Cyclopaedia – here in the heart of the Welsh capital – we’ve been rather enjoying our riding. The last few weeks of summer have been pretty much every cyclist’s dream. If you’re a roadie, you’ve been able to discard the longs and leave the rain cape in the kit drawer. If you’re the offroad type, you’ll have.... More

So…what are your plans for Battle on the Beach?

Words by Cyclopaedia

on 12/04/2018 22:28:01

This weekend is Battle on the Beach at beautiful Pembrey. It’s a remarkable race for a host of reasons, but perhaps most noticeably bike and tyre choice. Cyclo-cross bike? Gravel bike? Fat-tyre bike? 29er? Race setup full susser? With loose and hard park sand, twisty, singletrack and short, sharp climbs, all sorts of kit options are possible. We’ll.... More

Are disc brakes on road bikes a good or bad thing?

Words by Cyclopaedia

on 23/12/2017 08:37:36

So the gloves are finally off. In road and circuit races, disc brakes are now legal to race in the UK. Queue celebrations from technophiles, MTB and cyclocross racers, queue wailing and gnashing of teeth by dyed in the wool roadies. So which camp do we belong to? In short, we’re with the technophiles and we’ll explain why..... More

The glorious world of Cyclo-cross

Words by Cyclopaedia

on 17/10/2017 14:10:03

If you’re a keen as mustard cyclist, there’s every chance that right now you’re doing one of three things. I would wager you’re either (a) Enjoying a hard earned rest after a long season on tarmac (b) Right in the middle of cross season, mud splattered, tired and happy or (c) Have itchy feet from the former and.... More

Review: Shoetastic–The fiziks of MTB shoe performance

Words by Cyclopaedia

on 18/09/2017 13:14:01

Shoes are quite literally the foot soldiers of cycling. They are an essential piece of kit. Anybody that’s ridden in daps with clips and straps will attest to the difference with hard soles and stiff resistance. This point is so important that I’ve used bad poetry to illustrate it. While cycling in the Loire this summer,.... More