Don’t give your rump the hump; selecting the right saddle and shorts makes all the difference.

Simon Nurse | 29/08/2017 17:13:57

Over the years, our riders at the shop must have clocked up hundreds, no, thousands, no, MILLIONS of miles. Well ok, maybe not as many as that, but certainly quite a lot. Some of these miles have been comfortable affairs, where we forget about the fact that we’re perched on a slim, hard saddle and get on with.... More

How skills complete the set

Simon Nurse | 28/07/2017 09:38:41

So…You’ve got a shiny new Giant TCR, a top notch Kask helmet, your rump is comfortable in some marvellous Fizik shorts and you’re looking the bizz in that Spokesman jersey. With boundless enthusiasm you’re ready to smash those Strava stats, aim for sportive supremacy and fill your calendar with wondrous events from all round Blighty. You’re almost completely.... More

Cycle journeys (in every sense)

Simon Nurse | 21/07/2017 16:56:38

Last night, Ian represented the shop on a panel of speakers organised by cycle storage manufacturer Odoni-Elwell and Cyclopaedia client, Future Inns. Also featuring a talk from Cardiff Cycle City, the overall theme of the evening was long distance cycle touring and journeying, in every sense of the word. The primary speaker was Jet McDonald, a.... More

All types and flavours

Simon Nurse | 26/06/2017 16:01:31

Bike shops are not all about the new and the shiny. We’re also about the hum-drum and the day to day. We’re about the commute in the rain and the emergency repair the night before. We embrace the old alongside the new. We cover our elbows in grease and winkle out seized bottom brackets and stuck-fast seat posts..... More

Sizing your child’s bike: Getting the most out of family outings

Simon Nurse | 14/06/2017 10:58:03

We’re flowing through the woods. The trail undulates beneath my wheels, rising, falling and rising again. I’m using an Orbea Oiz 29er, light responsive and fast, it’s perfectly at home here. The trees loom in and out of view. There’s a carpet of bluebells bordering the singletrack, a violet blur against the earthy colours of the wood. Roots.... More