26/06/2017 16:01:31

Words by Simon Nurse

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Bike shops are not all about the new and the shiny. We’re also about the hum-drum and the day to day. We’re about the commute in the rain and the emergency repair the night before. We embrace the old alongside the new. We cover our elbows in grease and winkle out seized bottom brackets and stuck-fast seat posts. We also enjoy putting the gloss back where the sheen has left.

The bike you see below comes with a story. It came to us in order to fulfil a long held desire to complete Eroica, a vintage bike sportive and celebration of all things classic. It’s originally owner bought it from new and toured for decades. The parts are a mix of original and replacements, but the look and feel of the bike is glorious. It evokes a time long before carbon, when cars were quieter and steady 100 milers were the order of the day.

To return the bike to its former glory we changed tubes and bar tape. Shored up the dangling dynamo headlight, greased bearings, changed cables and blocks, tuned the gear set. We rolled our sleeves up. Sure as eggs are eggs the bike comfortably got around 100 hilly miles of the Derbyshire Dales and will be back for more next year.

So next time you wash the sun glint off a gleaming, glorious, Giant Defy, don’t forget the old warhorses and the beasts of burden. They’re all welcome here.

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From the shop

Repairs start from £10. A full service costs £35 plus parts. Advice is happily given for free.