08/03/2017 11:42:51

Words by Ian Jeremiah

Bike Fitting at Cyclopaedia

What Is Bike Fitting?

A few years ago, If you could stand over your bicycle's top tube and your saddle was at hip height - it fit!  These days things are a lot different. Bike fitting is all about synchronisation between rider and bicycle with the ability to access greater efficiency, stability, safety and comfort.


Bike Fitting At Cyclopaedia

We offer industry leading, professional bike fitting services designed by Shimano Dynamics Lab and delivered by our experienced team.  With a range of professional bike fitting services we can tailor a package to suit your needs.  Our bike fitters have years of riding, racing and fitting experience and our bike fitting studio at our shop in Cardiff is home to cutting-edge, modern bike fit tech and live dynamics lab.  Having a well fitting bike isn't just for the pros, talk to us about a fit to suit your needs by calling our friendly team on 02920 377772.