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Cyclopaedia Fitting

Bikefitting at Cyclopaedia


Do you want to enjoy your bike rides more?

Whether you are commuting everyday, enjoying a Sunday leisure ride a Bikefit can help you make the most of every ride. It will ensure you are in the best riding position for comfort, performance and injury prevention. Is your saddle holding you back? Your contact points are essential for getting the most out of your riding. Get your contact points dialed in and you will be more comfortable and have the opportunity to improve your performance and minimise long-term injuries.


Do you want more performance?

At your performance bike fitting session we assess your pedal efficiency and investigate changes in position that can make you go faster for the same effort. Every Shimano Pro rider uses Shimano Dynamic fitting to improve efficiency. Being Pro is not a simple as 'slaming the bars' riding as low as possible. Being effective in a position is crucial otherwise you will limit your muscle power available. Too lower means you are unstable and won't perform at your best. Contact points are critical to giving you that stable platform to perform. Is your set-up holding you back?

Do you have a specific problem to solve? 

We can arrange a joint session with our Physiotherapist Naomi from . To instantly tie Bikefitting and Physiotherapy together in one session provides great results. Yes you have to pay for both experts in one session but we generally reach conclusions much quicker. These sessions start from £120 for 1 hour. Only a few bikefitters offer this service. 

Bike fits start from as little as £60.

Measurement service for new bike £60

includes looking at the measurements of your choosen bike to check what size would be the best fit.


Bikefitting Starter £60

Full set of body measurements, input into Bikefitting software to produce a full set-up measurements for a bike, plus a short turbo ride to check position.


Bikefitting Intermediate £90-120

includes all of the above plus Cleat set-up, saddle assessment, addressing a particular problem, popular issues are aching shoulders, pressure points on feet, discomfort after 20miles. Adjust all contact points to get a great fit centered around your goals.


Bikefitting Advanced Dynamic & 3D £180

In depth session using our dynamic fit jig and 3D camera. Can be performance or comfort. Both sessions look at every element of contact points, cleat set-up, cleat wedges, saddle assessment and trying different saddles, handlebar set-up including brake and gear levers. The result will be a great session with lots of feedback on improvements you can make no matter what your goals.


Please call for a chat to see what service might suit you and your budget and discuss what we could achieve in a session


What do you want to achieve?

What do you need fixed?

I want to ride my first sportive over 100km.

My knee aches after 20miles

I always get a sore back after a long ride.

I want to go faster!

Whatever your goals, we always follow well-proven, evidence-based processed in bikefitting. Every rider relies upon their contact points to optimise performance and comfort, getting the niggles sorted will ensure you’re ready to take on your challenge.

Education is very important to us at cyclopaedia and an open minded approach is essential to the bike fitting process. We undertake regular training and always adapt our approach according to the most up to date scientific evidence. Bikefitting is a relatively new science and good practice has changed over the last few years. We move with the industry and always update our skills.

We are qualified in the following:

Shimano Standard Fitting

Shimano Pedaling Analyzer

Shimano Dynamic Fitting

PhysioHaus Advanced Motion capture

PhysioHaus Time Trial and Triathlon position

Paul Swift Level 1 Cleat position and wedges