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Cyclopaedia workshop


Our Mechanicswill work on any bike! (..or tricycle, tandem, unicycle, recumbent, cargo bike, vintage restoration)

With acombined experience of many more years than they'd like to admit, the mechanical team at Cyclopaedia have been repairing and building bikes in Cardiff since 1994 and riding for many before that!
Our mechanics include World Class Performance,Olympicand even a Commonwealth Games Athlete.


Covid19 updaste

Workshop is very busy.

If you want you bike serviced on the day you drop off you will need to book.

We are still getting small jobs done everyday but these slots are generally filled by 11am.

There's no doubt that maintaining and regularly servicing your bike will keep it running smoothly for a much greater time.

Bring your bike in to the shop anytime for a free check & estimatewith one of our team.

If you buy your bike at Cyclopaedia your first service is on us!

Safety Service & Tune Up - £30

- Front & Rear Gear Adjustment
- Front & Rear Brake Adjustment
- Chain Lubrication
- Safety Check Over
- Torque Check on ALL parts
- Safety Check on ALL parts
- Tyre Pressure
* All bikes test ridden by a mechanic

General Service - £45+ Parts

- Front & Rear Gear Adjustment
- Front & Rear Brake Adjustment
- Chain Lubrication
- Safety Check Over
- Torque Check on ALL bolts
- Safety Check on ALL parts
- Fitting of Cables
- Fitting of Brake Pads

*Specific servicing for Forks, Hydraulics,Di2, Wheels/Hubs, Headsets and Bottom Brackets pleaseContact Usor ask in store.

For custom servicing tailored to your needs - just speak to our team in store or Contact Us


At Cyclopaedia we are able to carry out almost any repair or maintenance request on site and supply parts. From Bike Wash to Bike Build - Whatever the problem, we can usually find a solution..

Just call in to the shop any time with your bike for a free Check & Estimate or see our list below:

Punctures & Flat Tyres
We will usually repair your puncture while you wait and keep stock of almost every size tube & tyre(including wheelchairs and pushchairs) and you can always use our pump outside the shop if you're passing.

*we also remove and glue tubular tyres.

- New Inner Tube Fitted + Inner Tube - £10

- Inner Tube /Tyre (fit only) - £6

Gears & Brakes

Front / Rear Gear Adjustment - £8

Front Gear Cable + Fitting (Includes gear adjustment + cable) -£12
Rear Gear Cable + Fitting (Includes gear adjustment + cable) -£14
(for SHIMANO Cables + £4)

Gear Cable Only - £2.50
Shimano Gear Cable only - £3.50

Front Brake Cable Fitted (Includes cable) -£12
Rear Brake Cable Fitted (Includes cable) -£12
(for SHIMANO Cables +£4)

11 speed compatible Inner Gear Cable from £6.99

Front / Rear Brake Pads Fitted - £7
(Does not include pads)

Hydraulic brake bleed - Contact Us for price

* We doDi2 Diagnostics and repairs on site - please Contact Us for more information and pricing.


Basic Wheel True/Tension - £8
​ Does not include replacing spokes

Advanced True/Tension - £15
Includes time to replace spokes or more in-depth true/tension

Front / Rear Wheel Build - £55

Front Wheel Fitted - £12

Includes fitting tube, tyre and brake adjustment

Rear Wheel Fitted - £14
Includes fitting tube, tyre and brake/gear adjustment

Other (guide prices)

Bottom Bracket Fitted - £20
Bottom Bracket Clean - £20

Headset Fitting - £18
Headset Remove & Clean - £14

Bar Tape Fitting - £8Does not include bar tape

Creaking can be difficult to pinpoint. With the advance of technology bikes are becoming more hollow and often amplify small noises - especially in carbon frames.
We have good success in eliminating creaks and noises. Pop in to the shop and we'll take it for a test ride.

Carbon Repairs
We do not repair frames on site but can arrange repair and give you a quote/estimate on structural repair and paint match services.